The UAW strike against GM represents the latest strike in a string of labor disputes between management and union workers. Continuation of health benefits during a strike is always a consideration in such situations.

After initially stating it would not pay for striking workers’ health care benefits, GM reversed its decision. GM’s decision to terminate health benefits would have shifted the burden of paying for striking workers’ health insurance benefits to the employees under COBRA. The GM situation brings to the forefront the legal issue of who is responsible for the payment of the health insurance benefits for workers who have stopped working to exercise their right to participate in a union strike.Continue Reading Employers Can Terminate Health Insurance Benefits for Union Employees During a Strike

The National Labor Relations Board found that a union committed an unfair labor practice by repeatedly blocking ingress and egress to a hotel for periods of one to four minutes. The opinion provides details about the union’s picketing efforts as a part of an organizing campaign. The blockage occurred during at least ten separate occasions

Recently, the NLRB has issued a number of decisions addressing social media in the workplace as it pertains to employers.  Last month, however, an NLRB judge rendered a decision addressing a Union’s potential liability and responsibilities for social media activities on its own Facebook page.  Interestingly, the judge addressed the posts and comments of the