Given President Joe Biden’s commitment to strengthening labor laws on behalf of workers, the Husch Blackwell Labor & Employment group anticipates dramatic shifts in labor law interpretation. As a result, we’ve launched a new series, The Labor Law Insider Podcast where our group will discuss the changes that we expect to occur under the Biden Administration and strategies that employers should adopt in anticipation of these changes to avoid unnecessary disruptions to business operations.

Whether or not you have a unionized workforce, join us to listen to the first episode in our series, “ The Biden Administration: Expected Changes at the NLRB where we discuss how the changes in NLRB leadership will likely affect employers and the workplace.

We will re-convene regularly, once each month, with members of the Husch Blackwell Labor & Employment practice group to continue discussions on timely and relevant topics to employers. We will provide these updates in both written and audio format, and we encourage you to subscribe to our various labor and employment law mailing lists.