On February 3, 2016, Husch Blackwell Labor and Employment attorneys Terry Potter and Robert Rojas presented a webinar on Workplace Safety vs. Workplace Gun Rights. The webinar focused on the legal landscape of current gun legislation, how certain legislation affects employers and the workplace, and how to minimize any risks associated with that legislation. Specifically, the presentation covered state-specific parking lot laws and posting requirements, both of which regulate where and how an employer may prohibit weapons on its property. Parking lot laws make it illegal for employers to prohibit the possession of firearms in personal vehicles on employer-owned property while posting laws require employers to use certain signage to notify employees, customers, and others that firearms are prohibited inside an employer’s buildings or worksite.

As discussed during the webinar, the laws are state-specific so particular requirements and compliance issues will vary depending on the state in which you operate. To help navigate those laws, Husch Blackwell has prepared a 50-State Survey summarizing the state-specific parking lot and posting requirements.

If you missed the webinar and would like more information on the subject, we have included a link to the on-demand recording of the presentation.